Is The Future Of Roulette In Online Casinos?

What if we told you now that we think online casinos could be the future of virtual reality… what would your reaction be? You are certainly thinking that we are certainly right and this conclusion that we bring is rather pragmatic, because we are basing ourselves on everything that is happening in the world now in terms of technological evolution, change in needs and desires of players and in the new habits of this life plunging more and more into a version 3.0 casino game model.

Virtual reality has been shaking things up for 1 year

If there is one thing that has been actively moving for some time, it is virtual reality. VR has become the subject that monopolizes all the attention and discussions among technology professionals since 2016 and more particularly in the world of land and online casino games. We have already been able to assess thanks to learned calculations that this industry will not weigh less than 75 billion dollars in 2021. For the little anecdote, know for example that VR and augmented reality (AR) should reach 7 billion dollars in 2017. It is therefore not surprising to see many game development firms for online casinos taking an interest in this new vector of pleasure and amusement. read more